EWAC Messer

Head from front

A kitbash of the HGUC Messer, the fuselage from a 1/48 scale IJN Judy Nightfighter, and the MG F90’s E mission pack to create a deep-space recon machine.

I’ve been watching a lot of Lincoln Wright’s videos recently, and it’s inspiring me to make this feel very… worked. And used. And hardworn. I haven’t decided if I’m going to attempt handpainting it, but I do want to get something of the MaK aesthetic, by bashing together multiple different parts and found materials.

Aesthetic inspirations

Neue Ziel

I really want this to evoke the… legless monster feeling of the Ziel (and Alpha Azieru and Zero GR)–vaguely humanoid body, but with the plane fuseleage changing the overall feel.

Aramaki Shinji’s cyberpunk (and Masamune Shirow)

This came as a freebie while I was fitting the radome into the Messer’s head (see EWAC Messer Progress (2021-04-15)), but once I saw it, it started pushing me to lean into the body horror of Aramaki’s cyberpunks. Wires connecting sensor organs, and cables connecting the brain to external interfaces. It’s making me lean into the biomechanical feel of having wires and umbilicals everywhere.

GitS headgear

Maschinen Krieger, armor modelling

I’ve spent some time watching Lincoln Wright‘s Falke tutorials through his Patreon (super heckin’ worth it!), and something that’s stuck out to me is the way the Falke Griffon version has had field modifications.

I’m not trying to hide the fact that this is a Messer kit, but I do want it to feel distinct, and for all the details to contribute to a story.

This ties into the cyberpunk aesthetic as well, because the story in my head is that this is a deep recon unit sent out for maybe month+ long stints. With at best a tiny hab-ring to tow around for a bathroom, bed, and place to eat MREs. Which is a deeply dehumanizing way to live–canned and recycled air, probably drinking your own recycled urine…

So the compromised human body of the Messer tells us something about the lives of the people attached to it. So the finish of the model should help that story.

So… I want to highlight its changes and compromises. If that makes sense.

MaK is also a direct inspiration in the usage of other model kits, like the Nightfighter, for this build

Diorama possibility

I keep talking about dioramas, but the more I work on this build the more of a story I build up in my head.

I’m considering scratch building a hab-ring or hab-pod for the Messer to tow on long missions, that would include basic sleeping quarters, mess, toilet, grav show, etc, for one or two, maybe three, people. Basically, it would allow the Messer to go for long times, with a rotating pilot shift so it was never off.

The personnel would have to live on cold MREs, exercise in limited rotational gravity to fend off atrophy, breathe their own recycled air, drink everyone’s recycled urine…

The pod would be connected to the Messer with a semi-slack tow cable, as if they were floating or drifting. I’m also wondering about running O2/CO2 umbilicals between the cockpit and an O2 reclamation pod attached to the hab.

I want it all to feel claustrophobic and close.

If I do this, I’d like to put small windows in the hab so you can actually see in to a figure or two just… sleeping. Or eating. Whatever feels the most… pathetic I guess?

This is definitely a “cool” idea for me, but I don’t want it to feel cool. I want it to feel exploitative and sad.

I’m also wondering about building an escort MS to go along with it. Currently I’m thinking a High Mobility Zaku II–something that’s not much use in the frontlines, but could be used as a sniper, or as a last ditch escort and defense for the EWAC Messer (which is unarmed). Not actual defense for the pilots… but enough that brass gets to pretend they’re taking care of the soldiers.

Also, if it’s a sniper, I could run gnarly cables from the Messer’s sensor unit (it’s head) into the head, or even eye, of the sniper. Just to drive further the bodily compromise.

Kits used (so far!)

  1. HGUC Messer
    • main body
  2. MG F90 E-type mission pack
    • radome
    • shoulder sensors
  3. FineMold’s 1/48 D4Y2 Judy Nightfighter
    • main fuselage used for booster pod
  4. HGUC Penelope
    • shield generators
  5. Bandai Star Wars Vehicle Model Millenium Falcon
    • detail parts cut out of the Falcon
  6. 2x Action Base 4/5 adapters
    • recombined to make the articulating arm attaching the booster pod

Build log