Hairspray chipping Haro

Just a quick entry–most of the info on Haro here is on his build page: #Hairspray Chipped Haro.

Big takeaways from this:

  1. Don’t overwork the thing. Just because it’s fun and you’re in the zone doesn’t mean that you’re still doing “good” work–I 100% overworked the rust on this frand in more than one place. I think the best parts are the chips along the meridian line, and the chips around the edges of the limb hatches.
  2. My favorite part of this build was the recovery around the right eye–I dropped him while topcoating, and it totally fouled the paint so that there was bare plastic showing through in the pattern of the embossing of the paper towels he was dropped on. So I grabbed some more thinner and the main colors (brown and green) and quickly went to work blending things in, and damn if it isn’t hot shit. This is absolutely making me want to try lacquer hand-painting following some of Lincoln Wright’s videos.