Snap Fitting the SUMO’s Legs

I started the snap fit of the #MRC-F20 Mobile Sumo today, doing standard nub cleanup, but not much else.

Results so far are deeply pleasing, but I think Syd Mead gets to take the credit for that, not me. Also, for a 22 year-old kit, this thing is pretty great.

Easily the most exciting thing about this kit are the panel lines already here–the sweeping curves make it feel like it’s moving even when it’s just a couple of legs standing around. I feel the same about the MG Turn A and Turn X–Syd Mead really was a genius.

SUMO’s legs SUMO’s legs

There’s still going to be a fair bit of cleanup for this. In these photos already I can see that the ankle armor is going to need to get cemented and then the joint will probably need putty to normalize the angles of the molded plastic:

SUMO’s legs

There’s also some places I over-sanded… (woops!), that I’ll definitely need to fix. The back of the knee is one, but that is also a candidate for seam-line removal and then puttying since it’s already an uneven seam:

SUMO’s legs