Stripping the metallic plating from the 1/100 SUMO

Stripping the metallic playing from the MRC-F20 Mobile Sumo before starting the build for the Clean v. Weathered competition. This is mostly in-progress photos of the process I use to Strip Metallic Plating from plated kits.

fresh parts, still in the runners

Just snipped the parts out of the runners, and trimmed the nubs down most of the way.

parts snipped out

Then they go into a bath of Mr Thinner to take the color off the plating. This takes like, a minute.

parts bathing in thinner

I love the color of the thinner as it’s taking off the color, especially in contrast to the fresh silver metallic base plating…

After that it’s a bath of bleach to strip off the plating material. It seems that the color layer resists bleach so the thinner has to come first, otherwise the parts just sit in the bleach.

just starting the bleach bath

most of the way through the bleach bath

After ~45 minutes in the bleach and a quick scrub with a toothbrush the parts get rinsed and dried.

all done

And in case anyone wonders, Purple Power/Zep Fast505 aren’t available here, and I didn’t feel like doing a battery of tests…