Flying Grizzly Plamo

SDCS Ground Gundam with LED-lit eyes

Hi. I’m Sean. My pronouns are he/him and they/them. Among other things, I friggin’ love building models.

This is a subsite for me to keep track of my plamo work. A lot of it is personal reference, but there’s some showing off, The models are mostly Gunpla for now, but I expect some other things to show up too. Mainly I’m keeping track of Techniques and builds/.

You can find some more pictures of my work on Instagram. I very occasionally show up on Twitter.

I also hope/imagine that some of my notes may be helpful to others. One thing that I struggle with is adapting techniques that work in Japan/Korea/the US to working in the UK when I can’t get access to some of the materials commonly used elsewhere (for example, I’ve spent a fair bit of time figuring out a simple way to Strip Metallic Plating without Purple Power here in the UK).

You might also find the research I did on the design origins of the Zaku interesting if you’ve found your way here.

Current Builds

Biggest project right now is a EWAC Messer, that’s turning out to be a lot of fun and is threatening to move beyond a single custom build and into a story-based diorama. It’s using the HGUC Messer, some MG F90 option parts, pieces of the HGUC Penelope, and some parts from a 1/48 scale IJN Judy Nightfighter model, among quite a few other things.

Straight build for the moment is the MG Hazel Owsla.

I’ve got a slow-burning kitbash of the HGUC Moon Gundam with parts from the MG Zeta Plus A1 and SDCS Nightingale on the go–sort of a orbital attack vehicle more than a mobile suit now: Moon Zeta Plus Kitbash

Build log

My current big idea is that I’m going to log my build process… the hope is that I’ll be able to look back and see my process, and also I’ll probably help myself remember things if I write them down more regularly. Here’s the list of blog entries:


the boring stuff#